Haftsin | Venika



Venika established in 2005, as “Finaljayezeh”, with founding finalcd.com and finaljayezeh.com Websites. First, this company’s distributed its lottery cards through Reezmouj System Company raw CD collections, under the validity of Final brand name. After audiences welcoming, more than 10 active business enterprises, showed their interest for participating in finaljayezeh’s lotteries. Developing its business strategies and in order to help extending the activities of other engaged businesses in this field, Finaljayezeh changed its name to Venika. Indeed Venika is a platform to facilitate the organization’s lottery processes. Therefore any company intends to perform a lottery, put Venika cards in their products, and then all the processes carried on by Venika. Already, Venika lottery cards are available in variety of products like raw CDs and DVDs with Final brand, cartoons such as the Pink Panther, Lucky Luck and Hulk and also Amoolucky cultural boxes and facenama.com (Iranian Facebook). Additionally it is possible to receive the lottery card from Final’s virtual hypermarket new structure. There, every product has a point, and by each purchase one can get a lottery card according to the point of his purchase. The lotteries perform and record in Venika’s Studio and then its video distribute in Venika’s Website and other social networks to inform all the audiences from the detail.
Venika, according to its brilliant background and the created brand trust among the audience, and also with valuable experience in this field, announced its readiness to associate with product producers. Hope to provide a qualified and secure platform for any product lottery in our beloved country.