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مرکز تلفن

Haftsin Group always believes in quality, therefore beside costumer relationships management system, it has established supplier relationship management system. At first the SRM instruments were useful in reducing acquisition costs, while the competitive advantage could create within profound relationships with suppliers for any organization. This terminal established to more competitiveness and improving financial performance. Haftsin’s Telephone Center, support this hypermarket in two work shifts to conduct the orders and products status. Pol terminal is a composition of SRM and CRM software’s and a task management system for company’s staff and its core attribute is the possibility to following all the requests and gaining the results.
We believe in costumer oriented view and all the managers and staff know the customer as the king of the business. All the customer related processes are our priority. Haftsin Group always tries to benefit all the stakeholders, such as government, staff, customers, suppliers, creditors, society, labor unions and shareholders. Therefore there is a department for stakeholder’s relationships management which operates really seriously. Accordingly, the most professional and loyal people in Haftsin work in support department to serve the costumers properly.
Haftsin Telephone Center has armed with ticketing system to manage the customer’s contacts through cell phone, email, online chat, etc. and is directly related to the CEO.
Through special telephone lines, this department works from 8-12 am in order to be responsive and supportive any time. These events conduct simply with a special code for every customer. Thus all his/her comments submit, the customer informs about all the processes, and all the documents and information archived. Likewise, control ticketing instruments monitor this process in order to fix any problems any time. With all these facilities and infrastructures, Haftsin Group is passionate to deliver all the services available to the companies and organizations. Pol also is ready to conduct telecommunications process for supplier’s products.