Haftsin | Musicaneh



One of the Haftsin’s successful investments in startups was Musicaneh. Musicaneh was a startup attempt to facilitate the avalaibility of Iranian music and respect Iranian artists’ rights. Since it has mutual goals with Haftsin, investing in this project accepted by two reasons: first the idea was raised from a group that believed their own work and was highly motivated. Second, the existence philosophy of this startup was cultural. Musicaneh main objective was to provide a comprehensive music information bank for all the people. This investment was an opportunity for country’s music community, to gain a media in e-commerce field, that Haftsin Group was expert in. Actually, Musicaneh is a channel for identifying Iranian music.
In other words Musicaneh organize the content of Iranian music, in order to every issued musical track identified whole fully in the market. For example, Musicaneh wants to develop such possibilities for its audience to find their favorite composer other tracks, according to the name of special singer. One of the Musicaneh’s distinctive characteristics is that every poet, singer and composer all has a profile, for example by which it would be possible to find all the Molana’s poem’s conduct by Iranian singers.
Musicaneh always attempt to replace the modern, cost-effective and simple methods to traditional, expensive and useless ones. Benefiting from increasing number of internet users and its applications, we hope this project would be very welcoming. Musicaneh is ready to associate with all new and old music experts. We hope to provide a valuable and secure resource in Iranian music field, in order to respect and identify Iranian music.