Haftsin | Ghasedak



Logistics is about managing the product process from inventory to point of consumption. This includes information integration, download and transfer, stock and packaging. We, in Haftsin, call this process Ghasedak and is a part of value chain. This possibility provides in more than 10,000m stocking space and has the capability to send the products to other suppliers as well. This terminal has variety download and transfer methods (post, transport, etc.) and is secure in sending even one item to the farthest regions in Iran. It should be mentioned that there is a 24 hours process for packaging and delivering the items. One of the Final’s unique attributes is the product availability. In other words, buying from Final virtual hypermarket is like the real buying experience from a retailing store. This means that not only the product categories are comprehensive, but also they are really diverse. All the products are available and the purchase is absolute. Ghasedak as a logistics management system has all the facilities such as define and enter the products to the stock, preserving the inventory status, submit the purchases and sales, Issue stock transfers, point of order system, reports, etc. Ghasedak terminal has developed by Haftsin experts and is under extension.