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“We are here to create an electronic market by which you can enjoy buying experience and promote your lifestyle.” This is the Final virtual market tagline, the first virtual hypermarket in Iran. Final hypermarket establishing to increase Iranian people standard lifestyle level, provide necessities and consuming products to response effectively costumer needs.
In 2003, Final virtual hypermarket, started to work as Finaleshop, with selling books, audio and video media, such as music and film. In 2011, adding the Elecomp products, especially CDs and DVDs, this hypermarket totally taken over by Haftsin. In 2012, the FMCG products, like groceries and cares and cosmetics, also added to this hypermarket to promote existing services.

Final characteristics

In order to provide a secure and simple platform for your buying experience, Final hypermarket develops variety of sections and facilities on its Website. These sections include search, special sales (seasonal, occasional and daily sales), diversity of products classifications, etc. One of the Final special characteristics is the product comparison for offering the best to the costumer. Some of the Final advantages are as following:

  • Reducing trade and distribution costs
  • Providing the product basket
  • Reducing the investment risk for suppliers
  • Logistics services and distributing system
  • Promoting analytical reports from costumer’s consumption patterns because of Information Technology infrastructures.
  • 24 hour costumer support and sending product
  • Product availability in final’s stock
  • Providing electronic bonus in large scale
  • Offering products in all around the country, even in far-flung regions.

Final suppliers

As well as providing sales facilities, Final offers advertising instruments to suppliers. We believe that this is the most purposeful form of advertisement. For example, a billboard in a highway or a banner in a Website, may just persuade the audience to buy the product, but in Final hypermarket the costumer can see the online advertisement and at the same time adding it to his/her virtual trolley. Therefore, in different sections of Website, we consider sliders and advertising banners to realize the concept of point of purchase advertisement.
One of the Final’s unique attributes is the product availability. In other words, buying from Final virtual hypermarket is like the real buying experience from a retailing store. This means that not only the product categories are comprehensive, but also they are really diverse. All the products are available and the purchase is absolute. This is while many online stores don’t have enough inventory and they push to provide the products after the costumer submit his/her order. This is a full time process, and in some cases it could result in order cancellation. In deed when you chose your product in Final virtual hypermarket, an operator moves between store shelves and puts all the customer orders in the trolley. Having about a 10,000m stock for its products, means that Final hypermarket has something more than other online markets, and this is why we called it the sole and unravel online hypermarket in Iran.
All these advantages are for providing full costumer service, while in other online markets, because the lack of inventory, the day price of the product is not clear and the costumer is not sure about the purchase and delivery time.
All the reputable CD and DVD brands, such as final, BUDGET, EPOCH, Dr.Data, etc. are in the monopoly of Final hypermarket. Also all the prices in Final hypermarket are as the same as suppliers without any change.

Final values

Our loyal supporters are available 24 hours a day to consider the customer requests. This means that, one of the most important Final’s challenges and its core values is to provide customer satisfaction. Final values include:

  • Stakeholders satisfaction, assessment and responding
  • Respecting the ethics
  • Rule of law, discipline and arrangement
  • Cooperation, association and team work
  • Accept and accordance with change
  • Responsibility and risk management
  • Considering any details
  • Creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Promotion, On-going improvement and educability

Final products

Final has 80 percent of Iran’s compact disk market share and also offers the following products:

  • Compact disk and frame
  • Computers and electronics
  • Mobile and tablet accessories
  • Nutrition
  • Detergents and health
  • Games and software
  • Cultural products
  • Office and stationary

In Final hypermarket providing the satisfactory buying experience online, is the core value and responsibility. The vision of this hypermarket is to become a buying center for 40 million Iranians, and with respect to ethical principles tries to preserve the customer’s money value, while shopping in Final.