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Reez Mouj

Reezmouj System Company as the founder of MEdisk factory in Iran, the largest raw and pre-recorded CD and DVD producer in Middle East and world’s third factory between 118 other factories, acts align the global advance technology. Therefore Iran has the honor to be the third disk producer after Taiwan and India. Haftsin was the first company successed in exporting its technology to Europe. Additionally the co-founder of Reezmouj System, Mr. Taheri, is one of the countries superior entrepreneurs that established MEdisk factory inTakestan Ghazvin, and through this he has striking role in job creating. Since the factory’s capacity is excess than domestic use, the doors opened to the international market. The company products exports to the European and Far East countries such as Italy, Poland, Slovenia Turkey, Singapore, India, Emirates, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and etc. This company also started to export the pre-recorded disks to the Middle East countries like Turkey and Emirates. Reezmouj System in addition to producing raw CDs and DVDs, with more than 60 brand names, has reached to the most powerful internal and external brands, while 40 percent of produced disks belong to Final Company.
Note that this company with 24 product lines for pre-recorded CDs, 12 product lines for 5DVDs and 2 product lines for 9DVDs and in sum, more than 40,000 pre-recorded disks, is ready to serve internal and external costumers as the world’s leading disk producer.
In 2004 this company obtained ISO 1400, ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001 certificates. In line with providing best and standardize services, Reezmouj System, inaugurated the world’s largest site for producing CD and DVD frame in September 2004. The company’s produced frames presenting under Crystal and Miri brand names, have the best quality in the world without the bad smell of low quality types. Likewise, Reezmouj System, for the first time in the Middle East establish a system for DVD and HD-DVDs frames and also produce Slim frames with high capacity. Now Reezmouj System is the largest standard frame producer under the license of Switzerland technology.
Preserving producer’s moral and corporeal rights and confronting products against illegal distribution is one of the oldest challenges for our art society. From the beginning the company provides its extensive facilities to support Iran’s National Cinema and align this apply the highest quality technology to conserve CDs and DVDs from decoding.