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Amoo Laaki

Amoolucky cultural box is the third generation of happy boxes in Iran. This product in comparison to the last versions is more complete and is developed to promote society’s culture for infants and their families. In addition to regular toys, Amoolucky’s box contained intellectual entertainments. Amoolucky boxes produce in three sizes, very small (fandogh), small and medium. These cultural boxes are also surprising for families, because they contain cartoons, high quality intellectual games, stationary, puzzle, discount coupons for all the cities, Venika lottery card and Amoolucky magazine. These boxes introduce to the consumer market with prices varied from 1500 tomans to 3500 tomans and one can also use its box as a handicraft after opening. This is a proper approach for entertaining children and also a method to preserve the earth from pollution. Therefore Amoolucky associates with Tehran Municipal and other active organizations in preserving natural environment and is also ready to extend its activities in this field. The presence of Amoolucky in charities like Behnam Daheshpour also shows its commitment to the social responsibilities. Amoolucky as the sponsor of infants and excluded people works with charities and other social organizations. According to the importance of its social responsibility, this cultural product, tries to do its best and act as a pioneer in social and cultural programs.