Haftsin | The experience of strolling between virtual shelves

The experience of strolling between virtual shelves


Oct, 2013

The experience of strolling between virtual shelves

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Haftsin Company for distribution of products through e-commerce facilities and verification of country’s distribution system has initialized the first virtual hypermarket.
Final hypermarket with all the necessary pre-requisites for providing goods for costumers has an active role in verifying distribution channel system.
The high number of class units in retailing level, high expenses in product distribution network, the lack of information about business activities and also uncertainty about high amounts of downloads and transfers are some of distribution’s channel problems in our country. The hypermarkets are one of the most strategic units that resolve such problems. Here are some advantages of shopping in virtual hypermarkets:

  • Providing products and services in competitive and identical price
  • Supply and display variety of products in the minimum of time possible
  • Distribution of products to all regions of the country
  • Shopping 24 hour a day without any barriers
  • Customizing and facilitating the buy and sale process

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