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The experience of classic and modern serving electronic business

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Qualified support from creative and motivated etreprenuers

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We think big, and simple!

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Diversity of products in the first virtual Iranian hypermarket under your fingers; Final

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Respecting Iranian music, audiences and artists rights in Musicaneh

Haftsin Co

Haftsin is a mature group in e-commerce and entrepreneurship. This claim can be proved with brilliant projects which have associate with this company, even as a startup or upper level businesses. This process exists not only for investment, but also for company’s contribution vision, i.e. entrepreneurship. Haftsin shapes its vision on the basis of affective association and long-term partnership.

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  • Infantile aspirations

    Fume rises from all chimneys’ houses in every infantile painting and this means that life is dynamic and encouraging for all the people around the world. Some infants are more creative and have bigger wishes in their mind. In their paintings they incline the ladder against the clouds. Our wishes are still infantile! Inclining the ladder to the clouds is not just a dream, if we believe what we do.